*Independent Sector used to determine value of a volunteer hour

Our enthusiastic employee volunteers help our community investment program thrive. More than half of our employees donate their time and talent to the community.

Each year, our BlueAngel employee volunteers donated over 8,000 hours to more than 50 organizations in the community through events coordinated by BCBSRI. In addition, our company’s leadership team serves on the boards of more than 25 local nonprofit organizations.

We encourage participation with paid time off for volunteering benefit offered to all employees and recognize our employees’ efforts with a variety of programs like Dollars for Doers and the Champion Grant program.

How to get our employees involved with your organization

Our employees are encouraged to seek volunteer opportunities both on their own via the United Way of Rhode Island’s database of statewide volunteer activities, and also through the Community Relations Department. We are always looking for volunteer team building events for six or more associates and would welcome partnership with your agency.

For more information on how to get our BlueAngel employee volunteers involved at your organization, please email blueangel_news@bcbsri.org or call Christina Castle at (401) 459-1239.

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