Our headquarters in downtown Providence is the first newly constructed commercial office building in Providence to achieve Gold LEED® certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the nationally accepted rating system for green buildings. Through the sustainable design of the building and efforts such as our recycling program, we're helping minimize our impact on the environment by reducing our energy consumption, carbon footprint, waste, and water consumption.

6 Ways We Live Green

  1. Our in-house recycling program handles glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastics. In addition, all plates, trays, cups, to-go containers, and cutlery from our café are compostable.

  2. Our corporate recycling program processes waste from mail, fax, and copier materials.

  3. We work with Farm Fresh Rhode Island to serve healthy, fresh, locally grown products in our on-site café.

  4. A Green Housekeeping program has been designed, ensuring that building occupants and cleaning workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

  5. Our printers automatically print double-sided documents to save paper. In addition, documents are not printed until employees swipe their badges, helping to eliminate pages that are printed but never picked up.

  6. We've established a Green Team—a group of BCBSRI employees who educate and build awareness among fellow associates to work in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

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