BCBSRI launches new nine-episode “WellCast” podcast series with Founder’s League


In partnership with The Founders League, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island has launched “WellCast: Small Stories with Big Impact.” This nine-episode podcast series explores some of the challenges startups in the health and wellness industry face when bringing new solutions to market.

For startups, working with large companies is like a bear hug. It feels good at first, but if the embrace lasts too long—or the grip is too firm—a bear hug can get uncomfortable. For startups, collaborating with big companies is often necessary and critical to success. The big organizations have money, access to people, data, and often, the real world authority to connect people with solutions. It’s like David and Goliath, only in this case, David doesn’t slay the beast, he partners with it.

Hosted by Melissa Withers from The Founders League and featuring guests from the Rhode Island business community – including BCBSRI executive vice president and chief financial officer Mark Stewart – please listen to WellCast at www.wellcaststories.com.

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