Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers Your Blue Wire RI secure messaging to help members better manage healthcare options

Secure messages displayed on mobile phone with Your Blue Wire app

PROVIDENCE, RI – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) now offers secure mobile messaging to better connect members with the healthcare information and services they need. Your Blue Wire RI secure messaging provides members with access to personalized messages and important health reminders via a private web app. This new capability is the latest tool in BCBSRI’s efforts to communicate with customers in the way they want and have come to expect.

Developed with Relay Network, the new secure mobile messaging feature sends text notifications to members about primary care visits, dental visits, flu shots and even fitness classes at BCBSRI retail stores, all with a goal of helping members stay healthy via proactive outreach and education. The notifications bring members to their secure web app, where content is personalized to each member’s needs, such as offering a list of primary care offices nearby. Messages are also customized to reach members in certain high risk groups. For example those with diabetes may receive a message to ask about glucose testing and help with making an appointment, and certain members may receive a reminder about scheduling an important screening such as a colonoscopy or mammogram.

“We want to ensure that we are reaching out and communicating to members where they are, through the channel they prefer,” said Melissa Cummings, senior vice president and chief customer officer at BCBSRI. “In addition to continuing our traditional outreach avenues, such as direct mail, phone calls and email to reach our customers, secure messaging allows us to increase the number of opportunities we have to answer questions and provide support to our members. It’s already proving successful in helping members take action to improve their own health.”

So far, the response from members has been overwhelmingly positive. During open enrollment, more than 50,000 members signed up for the new service. Members are engaging with content at a very high rate -- 30 to 35 percent -- which is far higher than email or postal mail. Similar messages delivered through other channels such as email tend to receive less than a 3 percent engagement rate in comparison.

“Texting capabilities aren't new to our members in their personal lives, but they are relatively new in healthcare,” said John Auger, director of channel management at BCBSRI. “Blue Cross has been actively looking for new ways to embrace technology to better connect with customers. Today, this is what our members want and expect, and the positive response rates prove the need for this type of communication.”

In the future, BCBSRI will expand the use of secure messaging to further improve the customer experience with expanded options for self-service, ways to save on out-of-pocket costs and simplified benefit information. For more information, or to sign up to receive this free service from BCBSRI, visit

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