Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island releases statement regarding cost sharing reduction subsidies


PROVIDENCE, RI – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) is disappointed with the administration’s decision to immediately eliminate cost sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies, which directly help vulnerable Rhode Islanders pay for healthcare services.

Up until now, BCBSRI, like other health insurers, reimbursed providers for the out-of-pocket expenses covered by the CSR subsidies, and then received monthly payments from the federal government.  These subsidies directly helped these Rhode Islanders gain access to much needed care, and to reduce provider bad debt.

Although CSR funding has been eliminated, BCBSRI will cover the cost of the subsidies through the end of 2017. Our members will see no change in their 2017 premiums or benefits.

We are currently working with the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner to implement a contingency plan for 2018 to address this federal change. 

Whatever decisions are made by Congress and the Administration, we remain committed to providing access to high-quality affordable healthcare for all Rhode Islanders so they get the right care when they need it.

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