Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Walgreens Pilot Innovative Web Counseling Program


Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI), in collaboration with Walgreens, today announced a new pilot program designed  to provide personalized support to members undergoing complex fertility treatments through web-based patient support, at no cost to the patient, available online or through a mobile app. The goal of the pilot, titled Video Consult, is to utilize modern technology to simplify treatment and improve care for members on their journey to parenthood.

Video conference patient support is an emerging and promising solution for individuals being prescribed medications with complex administration techniques. Through remote, visual interaction with Walgreens nurses who specialize in fertility, patients receive care in their own private setting and can feel more confident that they are correctly administering their own treatments. Video conferencing also allows a patient’s partner, or another person involved with the patient’s care, to be part of the discussion even if he or she is physically in another location.

“The ability to video conference with nurses will provide members with a more personalized care experience in their setting of choice,” said Mark Waggoner, Senior Vice President, Care Integration & Management at BCBSRI. “Supporting our members with complex medical needs is one of our core responsibilities, this partnership brings an innovative approach using technology to support members and their loved ones working to administer these challenging medications themselves, and ultimately help to improve outcomes.”

“We recognize the importance of being able to provide convenient and quality fertility care and are pleased to collaborate with BCBSRI to help their members and our patients  access, understand and administer medications to help achieve family goals,” said Joel Wright, Walgreens divisional vice president, specialty pharmacy.

Through the pilot, Walgreens nurses provide new-to-therapy education as well as continued support for patients managing the complex therapy. The visual support is designed to help enhance the patient experience, increase engagement and achieve better outcomes. Video Consult is voluntary and available to all new BCBSRI fertility patients.  

In October 2014, BCBSRI launched a successful on-site pharmacist program at six Patient Centered Medical Home practices throughout the state. This program, like Video Consult, is one of the many innovative partnerships BCBSRI has established to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the Ocean State.

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