Tap a lower-cost network throughout New England

Save time and money on healthcare; access the best care in New England; reduce premiums

Health plans that focus on coordinating care across providers can deliver lower premiums, make the healthcare system simpler to navigate, and offer a seamless experience in Rhode Island and nearby. Read on to see if a regional network fits your needs.

Trying to make sense of the large network of doctors, labs, specialists, and pharmacies can be hard. The effort can cost you and your employees precious time and money. We’re changing that with our BlueCHiP family of plans.

These plans generally offer lower premiums while delivering access to a high-quality network of providers at both the Rhode Island and New England level. They also provide your employees with a team of healthcare professionals—all led by their primary care provider (PCP), which can be a doctor or a nurse practitioner.

Your employees’ personal healthcare team will ensure they receive regular health screenings and tests, and can help coordinate whenever they need to see other doctors. This level of coordination also can reduce healthcare costs overall.

With features like weekend and evening hours and pharmacists right in the office, your PCP team makes it simple to receive the care your employees need without feeling alone in the system.

Regional plans expand network, lower costs

We have responded to the needs of growing Rhode Island employers like you for a regional product that serves employees in Rhode Island and nearby, while also working to lower medical costs.

Is a regional BlueCHiP plan right for your business?

  • You now can offer a single regional benefit plan.
  • This plan works well for employees and families living in other New England states or for businesses headquartered in Rhode Island that have regional satellite offices.
  • It also offers the flexibility of regional care to employees here in Rhode Island.
  • Coordinated care is at the core of this plan, which can lead to better care at lower costs.
  • This lower premium product can help control medical costs for you and your employees.
Regional network
Regional network

Regional network

With this plan, already proven successful in the market, members can choose and use Blue Cross and Blue Shield doctors and hospitals in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire:

  • 11,500 PCPs
  • 30,000 specialists
  • 199 hospitals

The new regional offering’s broad network provides access to leading hospitals, including:

  1. Rhode Island Hospital
  2. The Miriam Hospital
  3. Women & Infants
  4. Massachusetts General Hospital
  5. Boston Children’s Hospital
  6. Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  7. Yale-New Haven Hospital
  8. Hartford Hospital
  9. St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center
  10. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

BlueCHiP Advance

A local, Rhode Island-based network offers low premiums and out-of-pocket expenses when employees work with a primary care provider (PCP) to coordinate their care. Based on referrals from a PCP, this plan ensures that your employees get the most appropriate care and services from providers and hospitals in our local network. This tiered state network offers rich coverage when employees seek care in the Tier 1 network.

BlueCHiP Advance
Standard BlueCHiP

Standard BlueCHiP

Our standard BlueCHiP plans give your employees and their families access to an extensive network of local providers. They choose a primary care physician (PCP) to guide them through the healthcare system and refer them to specialists as needed. Members work with their PCP to identify health needs and prevent minor illnesses from becoming serious problems. With the Flex option, your employees have the option to receive out-of-network care without getting referrals from their PCP.

Discover how our network options can help your employees and your business.

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