Choose Blue Solutions for tax savings and lower premiums

Reduce premiums; gain tax advantages; help employees cover costs.

Consumer-directed health plans (CDHP) help employees take control of their healthcare spending at the same time they offer lower premiums. We’ll show you the tax advantages below.

BlueSolutions, one of the increasingly popular CDHPs, can be paired with a health savings account (HSA) that gives your employees financial incentives to make better informed decisions about healthcare for themselves and their families.

We will guide your employees through the transition to BlueSolutions and ensure they make the most of their HSAs and other powerful consumer tools.

What is an HSA?

An HSA is like a retirement account for medical expenses. Your employees can save pre-tax dollars (which also could help lower your payroll taxes) into an HSA to use for qualified medical expenses.

With BlueSolutions, you even can integrate HSAs with your wellness program. Rewards that employees earn for making healthy choices can be paid directly into their HSAs. The money in their HSAs stays with them year after year and can be used as an investment for future medical expenses.

Good for your business

Good for your business

  • Easy administration. We take care of all the setup.
  • Cost savings. Our HSA-eligible plans offer lower premiums.
  • Tax savings. Both employer and employee HSA contributions can provide tax savings.
  • More engaged employees. Higher deductibles promote smarter healthcare choices.

See how HSAs could help you and your employees.

Good for your employees

  • More spending power. Since they’re using pre-tax dollars, it’s like a built-in discount.
  • Tax savings. Contributions can lower income tax; interest earned is tax-free; and there is no tax when the money is used for qualified expenses.
  • Convenience. They can pay bills and make additional contributions through
  • More ways to pay. Online, debit cards, and checks.
BlueSolutions: The short story

BlueSolutions: The short story

The keystone of any employer’s consumer-driven benefits strategy, BlueSolutions gives your employees the tools they need to be better informed healthcare consumers. You can offer employees a health savings account (HSA) that rolls over year to year, or you can start with a health reimbursement account (HRA), in which unused expense money reverts to the business each year.

Learn more with "Structuring Benefits that Increase Employee Control and Value"

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