Build a healthier business with a wellness program

Transform your workplace culture. Increase productivity. Reduce medical costs.

Jump-start your employee wellness program to reduce healthcare costs, combat lost work days, and create a more engaged workforce. Continue reading to find out how.

Today's advanced workplaces benefit from being engaged, rewarded, and connected

Today employees are routinely tracking their fitness levels through wearable technology. From social fitness activities organized at work or through online communities, your employees are looking to incorporate wellness into all aspects of their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. No longer just a productivity play, today’s advanced workplaces benefit from being engaged, rewarded, and connected.

With our well-being program powered by Virgin Pulse® , you now can offer a modern, mobile wellness platform that your employees will enjoy using. With on-demand analytics, you can measure participation and its impact. Data can be shared with our case management team to make strategic and measurable interventions. We will also take employee feedback and customize wellness programming that delivers maximum engagement among employees.

Learn more with "Wellness at Work: Employee Engagement through Health Incentives"

Virgin Pulse helps you reach your goals

Proven success helping employers

  • Improve workplace culture
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost overall employee wellness
  • Lower medical costs and improve business outcomes

Employees make healthy choices

Your employees will find fun ways to make healthy choices and earn rewards, like:

  • Choose their own goals and interests, from working out to playing with their dog‬
  • Link Fitbit® and other wearable devices to earn rewards faster‬
  • Check in with measurements like weight and blood pressure‬
  • Join healthy challenges with others

We also can provide on-site screenings and educational programs, such as nutrition, stress management, and weight management.

Employees make healthy choices

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