Broker Service Fees Agreement

For all Large Group fully insured medical business, BCBSRI supports brokers in receiving compensation from our mutual clients. To facilitate the payment process, please complete the Broker Service Fees Agreement, which must be executed by the broker, BCBSRI, and our mutual client.

For customers with an existing Broker Service Fee Agreement, complete a Notice of Service Fee Change form in order to update the service fee rate. The Notice of Service Fee Change Form requires customer signature only.

Please email the fully executed Broker Service Fees Agreement or Notice of Service Fee Change form to your BCBSRI Account Executive.

Large group fully insured transition to broker service fees

Broker service fees are reflected on monthly bills for your large group fully insured clients who have a per contract per month (PCPM) service fee arrangement with your clients. Click on the sample bill below to see the changes.

Large Group Fully Insured Broker Service Fees Billing Sample

Broker Service Fees Agreement FAQ

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