Heather Bousquet, new Medicare broker specialist

We’re excited to announce that Heather Bousquet is now our dedicated Medicare broker specialist. Heather has been with BCBSRI since late last year as our Plan 65 and PDP product manager. Prior to joining BCBSRI, Heather worked for FallonHealth in Medicare sales, and worked extensively with brokers. Heather’s experience with Medicare sales and products will help fill the support gap we’ve had in this important area, and will also make her a great resource for you this AEP.

For Medicare product, benefits, and eligibility information, or application status related questions, please continue to contact the Medicare Broker Support team at (401) 459-5545, option 4 or MedicareBrokerSupport@bcbsri.org. For commission inquiries, please contact (401) 459-5545, option 1. For all other inquiries, please contact Heather at (401) 459-1361 or Heather.Bousquet@bcbsri.org.