Worksite Health Awards celebrate total health

Worksite wellness is no longer just about physical health, but also emotional, financial, spiritual, and overall health. This was the major takeaway of the 23rd Annual Worksite Health Awards, held on Thursday, June 8, as BCBSRI and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce recognized Rhode Island’s healthiest companies. A total of 77 local businesses received awards for creating innovative and effective programs that improve their employees’ health and wellness.

BCBSRI president and CEO Kim Keck and Chamber President Laurie White stressed the importance of wellness in the workplace. They pointed out that annual health-related productivity losses in the U.S. total a massive $225 billion, with issues related to weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol being the major contributors to that figure. Studies show that companies with successful wellness programs and a culture of health have healthier employees. Those companies can enjoy several positive outcomes, including fewer health insurance claims, less sick time, better morale, higher retention, and reduced absenteeism.

The event’s keynote speaker was Chris “Elroy” Stricklin, a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and executive consultant with Afterburner, Inc. Chris talked about a continuous improvement methodology called Flawless Execution, a simple and repeatable four-step process based on proven military practices that can help people quickly adapt to change in their work and personal lives, helping to create a positive balance that encourages success.

Our new wellness platform provides tools for better health

Part of that positive balance for employers is having healthier employees, which starts with a worksite wellness program. As you know, our wellness program powered by Virgin Pulse® offers a modern, mobile platform that employees enjoy using and engages them to take steps to be healthier. With on-demand analytics, employers can measure their participation and its impact on their bottom line.

If any of your clients would like to learn more about starting a wellness program, contact your BCBSRI sales representative.