Blue Cross Dental policy changes

We’ve listened to your feedback over the past several months, and we’ve been making changes and working to streamline our processes and policies in order to better serve your clients and our members. The following changes to Blue Cross Dental clinical policies and benefits became effective September 1, 2016.
Calculating frequency for preventive procedures
We have reverted back to a calendar year schedule of calculating frequencies for preventive procedures, including bitewing X-rays that will now be covered once per calendar year (vs. 18 months previously). This will have no effect on a member’s eligibility for these services but instead will provide a smoother member experience and easier benefit tracking for dental offices.
Changes to amalgams and composite replacement policy
We have also made changes to the amalgams and composites (filling) replacement policy, allowing replacement of fillings on the same tooth (same tooth surfaces) after 12 months have passed since the previous placement of the restoration. Prior to September 1, 2016, replacement fillings were allowed after 24 months. We believe this policy change allows for conservative, less invasive treatment at the time of diagnosis.