CDH plans: HRA plan design flexibility

Last month, we provided background on our consumer-driven health (CDH) plans for employers, including the types of plans available, how they can be seamlessly integrated with employers’ health plans, and some recent enhancements to our CDH program.

This month, we’re providing an overview of the different types of integrated health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plans available to employers. One of the most important advantages of our integrated HRAs is our ability to adapt to the employer's specific benefit needs. The different types of HRAs available include:

  • Tailored HRA – Gives employers the option to create a health plan that fits their specific needs by customizing deductibles and/or copay reimbursement.
  • Rollover HRA – Employees can roll over unused HRA funds based on specific requirements.
  • Wellness incentive HRA – Encourages health and wellness by allowing employers to apply HRA dollars based on wellness activities completed by employees.
  • Multiple choice HRA – This option gives employees a choice of HRAs based on their financial and coverage needs. They have the choice to be reimbursed for their deductible at 100% (Gold plans), 75% (Silver plans), or 50% (Bronze plans).
  • PPO HRA – An HRA design that pays higher amounts to specific providers, or for certain services, to encourage more efficient use of the employer-sponsored health plan.

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