CVS Pharmacy® Healthy Incentive program for small groups

On January 1, 2017, newly enrolled small group subscribers began receiving their CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare® Health Card as part of our Healthy Incentive program. This card is now tied to the incentive program, which lets these members earn up to $200 in CVS Pharmacy gift cards (in lieu of ExtraBucks® as in the past) as follows:

  • Up to $45 each quarter by having their annual wellness visit, completing an online health assessment, and tracking their healthy habits on our new wellness portal
  • An additional $20 bonus for having their wellness visit
  • Members will earn points each quarter for completing healthy activities and challenges, and then tracking them in the wellness portal
  • Members will receive their gift cards at the end of the year

The ExtraCare card continues to give members a 20% discount on many CVS Pharmacy brand health-related items like vitamins, cold medicine, pain relievers, and more.

For more information or to answer any questions, review this FAQ.