Prime Therapeutics and Your Blue Wire

As communicated in the November 16 Broker Blast, our BCBSRI sales executives recently emailed a letter from Vice President of the Employer Segment Sam Slade to our mutual large employer clients. In it, he explained how BCBSRI is saving employees time and money through improved pharmacy benefit management, as well as what the -change to Prime Therapeutics means for their employees. The letter also referenced our new mobile messaging platform, with a separate attachment that explained our new Your Blue Wire RI messaging service in more detail.

As always, we value your partnership in the large and small employer space, and are appreciative of your support communicating these messages to our mutual small employer clients, and reinforcing them with our large employer clients.

If you have any questions about the letter, our transition to Prime Therapeutics, or any of our mobile offerings, please contact your BCBSRI account executive.