Large Group Service Fees

We want  to make sure you don't have any delay in receiving your large group service fee payments.To facilitate the payment process for a new service fee arrangement, please complete the Broker Service Fees Agreement, which must be executed by the broker, BCBSRI, and our mutual client.

In order to change an existing broker service fee rate you need to complete only a Notice of Service Fee Change form . The Notice of Service Fee Change Form requires customer signature only.Email the fully executed Broker Service Fees Agreement or Notice of Service Fee Change form to your BCBSRI Account Executive.Both the Broker Service Fees Agreement and Notice of Service Fee Changes Form are effective on a prospective basis, the first of the month following receipt unless a later effective date is specified.

  • Example 1: If a Broker Service Fees Agreement is submitted on January 15, the effective date for the new broker fee will be February 1.
  • Example 2: If a Broker Service Fees Agreement is submitted on January 15 and the broker requests it be made effective March 1, it will be effective on March 1.

This and other details on the service fee can also be found in our Document Submission Guide

For more details, please visit our Broker Service Fee Agreement page or contact our Broker Relations team at