Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for fully insured groups

BCBSRI provides an SBC to our large and small group fully insured employers and members upon enrolling in or renewing their health plan each plan year. The SBC is a helpful tool that helps members better understand their health insurance benefits, and includes:

  • Plan-level benefit information
  • Coverage examples
  • Information on exceptions or services that are excluded from their benefit design

Shortly after employers have chosen a health plan for their employees (for each coverage period), BCBSRI mails the SBC to those members with a letter explaining the SBC and how it should be used. Members can also access their SBC on after logging in to their member account.

All insurance companies are required to use the same format for the SBCs and include the same type of information creating a standard that can be followed across the healthcare industry.

As the broker of record for your employer clients, you can access their SBCs in the Document Center of the Broker portal.