Our Secure Provider Website

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To help you and your staff work as efficiently as possible, our secure Provider site makes finding information quick and easy. Participating providers can register for access and take advantage of its many features.

Site Features

  • View Remittance Advices (RAs) online through the Correspondence Center.
  • Check claim status of all claims submitted with your National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • Check patient eligibility to verify effective dates of coverage, copayments, deductibles, and other information.
  • Review medical coverage policies.
  • Access provider publications including:
  • Provider Update – Includes updates and information for our participating providers.
  • Participating Provider Administrative Manual – A comprehensive guide for participating providers with information on committee structures and roles, physician/provider rights and responsibilities, referrals and authorizations, members’ rights and responsibilities, complaints, appeals, claims administration, and more.
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Practice Guidelines – Includes clinical guidelines that we have adopted for acute, chronic, preventative, and behavioral healthcare.

Provider publications can be downloaded from the secure Provider site for your convenience. You can also call if you’d like us to provide an orientation at your office about provider publications and/or these topics:

  • Online preauthorization requests – This is a convenient way to submit preservice or aftercare authorization requests.
  • Our hospital comparison tool – Research and review independent hospital comparisons provided by HealthShare.

How to Register

To register for access to the secure Provider site, you’ll need to get a personal identification number (PIN). Please note that only physicians/providers who are participating with Blue Cross and have an NPI may obtain a PIN.

To request a PIN:

  1. Go to the Portal Registration page and select Provider.
  2. Read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.
  3. Click the link for participating providers.
  4. Click the link to request a PIN.
  5. Complete the required fields and click Go.

Shortly after you will receive your PIN via e-mail.