Medical Plans for Large Employers


Access Blue
Access Blue New England plan is a high deductible plan with New England regional coverage. You get all of the advantages of a regional BlueCHiP plan, and the flexibility to pair with a Health Savings Account (HSA) that allows you to save pre-tax dollars for qualified medical expenses now or in the future.
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Network Blue New England
Now you can offer the same plan to your employees whether they live in Rhode Island or nearby. This new regional network includes New England’s top hospitals and more than 30,000 doctors.
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Blue Choice New England
One common offering for all your employees whether they live in Rhode Island or nearby, lower premiums, and PCP-coordinated care, and if you want the option of choosing any provider in the region. This new network includes New England’s top hospitals and more than 30,000 doctors.
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BlueSolutions for HSA
BlueSolutions helps keep premiums manageable—for you and your employees—while still offering comprehensive benefits. This high-deductible health plan empowers your employees to be savvy healthcare consumers. They’ll have the option to set up a health savings account (HSA) so they can save pre-tax dollars for current and future medical expenses.
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VantageBlue provides traditional benefits with added features and incentives for healthy living. This plan empowers your employees with many preventive benefits that make it easier to be healthier and take an active role in their healthcare.
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Basic Blue
A plan that covers basic services, like most office visits, and most generic drugs before the deductible, while also providing no-cost coverage for all covered services after the deductible is met.
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SelectRI Network
SelectRI is an innovative network option, available to large employers with VantageBlue and BlueSolutions, which lowers your premiums and lets your employees get quality care for less money out of their pockets. This is possible through our network of efficient providers that make great care available at the lowest cost.
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HealthMate Coast-to-Coast
HealthMate Coast-to-Coast offers coverage for many services with no copayments or coinsurance once the deductible is met. Coinsurance applies to out-of-network services only.
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BlueCHiP Coordinated Health Plan
BlueCHiP Coordinated Health Plan offers low up-front costs and deductibles for your employees. This affordable suite of health plans covers many preventive services in full, and the Flex option offers out-of-network benefits.
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